Caregiver Web App — Receiving Timely Reminders Matter Greatly To Staying Independent

The Caregiver Web App helps elderly loved ones remember important events like birthdays, doctor's appointments, planned visits, and social engagements. You enter the appointment and Independa reminds your loved ones through the phone or on their Angela Personal Interaction Device - it's that simple! Learn More

Angela™ — Staying Socially Engaged Matters Greatly to Staying Independent

Staying independent, safe, and connected with family, friends and professional caregivers has never been easier or more fun! Independence is a highly valued and important need amongst the elderly; yet social isolation can make individuals feel lonely and disconnected from family, friends and the professionals who care for them. Learn More

Having Integrated Health and Activity Monitoring Matters Greatly to Staying Independent

The Independa ecosystem connects health devices and home sensors to monitor vital signs, safety and home conditions. Independa solutions integrate across health devices such as a scale, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and glucometer, as well as a wide range of safety and environmental sensors to provide a holistic view of the care recipient at their residence. Learn More