What is the Independa solution?

Independa empowers the elderly to maintain and extend their independence longer, safer and more comfortably at the residence of their choice, be it their home or a senior living facility.

My Mom doesn't use a computer. Would Independa be too complicated for her to use?

No! Independa is transparent to your loved one. If they want, your loved one can use the Angela tablet to read the news, emails, play games and even do a video chat. Independa was designed with an elderly individual in mind. There are no logins and most items are one touch "click" away. Reduced complexity makes the system fun and inviting for your loved one.

What kind of alerts can I have with Independa?

You can configure three types of alerts:

Red - a red alert can alert you via text message, an email or through a phone call. Independa will not stop the alert until either you respond to the alert or the alert is escalated to a secondary contact. Red alerts are great for safety concerns like possible flooding in your loved one's home or a high temperature reading in the home.

Orange - an orange alert is medium priority. These alerts are sent out once and do not require a reply. Orange alerts are great for moderately important events. For example, if your loved one has not opened the fridge since the morning hours. The key value here is to alert you BEFORE something becomes a problem.

Yellow - a yellow alert does not notify you directly, it simply logs the information on your dashboard for your review. An example of a yellow alert might be a missed social appointment.

Alerts are key to letting you "be there" when it is most critical.

What does Independa do for Caregivers?

Independa CEO Kian Saneii explains: