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Home Care Video Overview

Independa is changing the game in homecare! We can dramatically improve your business: Now you can provide invaluable care even when you’re not there, while extending the stay of your care recipients in their homes by months or even years! Leverage Independa’s technology enabled independent living solutions to complement your services, improve your margins, keep your care recipients in their homes longer, safer and more comfortably. Capture more customers while keeping those you have longer. It all comes together for you with Independa.

Independa solutions are fully integrated, easy to deploy and use, and have been designed from the get-go with home care services and enterprise requirements in mind. Independa recognizes your effort to provide the most comprehensive care for your clients. Yet, short of being there 24 hours, 7 days a week, you may not be present when you are most needed.

Independa enhances your client relationships by enabling you to complement your present services while increasing your value and your customer satisfaction and retention metrics. Our best of breed solutions let you focus on the “whole” care recipient, supported by an easy-to-use Caregiver Web Application. Care recipient well-being and important trends are easily monitored and managed, with your staff and/or family caregivers receiving notice only when something isn’t quite right. Independa allows you to balance indefinite requirements with efficient yet superior care.

Being connected with your care recipients and staying informed about how they are doing on a real-time basis is easy and cost-effective with Independa as your partner. Features include your ability to check in on your clients using simple video chat, making sure your personal and professional connections are strong even when you physically are not there. Leverage automated reminders for medications and calendar events, check in calls for support of important activities of daily living, or other important social engagement features such as auto-connect calls for birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family. Independa is game changing for your organization, yet life changing for your customers.

This is how Independa is revolutionizing homecare. To learn more about how we can help YOUR business: Contact Us. Learn More.

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