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Health Measures

This new feature will enable home health, home care professionals, and other caregivers, to record important health measurements using the standard telephone available at the care recipients residence. This makes the data immediately available within the Independa Integrated CloudCare System for use with thresholds and alerts. 

Record the following telephonically:

  • Weight 
  • Blood Pressure
  • Glucose Level
  • Temperature
  • Pulse
  • Heart Rate

All information collected is delivered to Independa's Integrated CloudCare solution and merged with other data to provide a complete view of a person's health situation. The information is presented on the Independa Caregiver Web App, which also enables caregivers to create and follow responses to automatic reminders for those being cared for to take their medications, exercise, eat, hydrate, keep medical appointments, etc. 

Independa has combined basic yet universally avalaible telephone service as a cohesive part of our Integrated CloudCare solution. This gives our partners and their customers an unique and compelling advantage to cost effectively and intelligently monitor their care recipients. With Health Measures, Independa's powerful thresholds can be applied to monitor someone from a distance, all without the use of a single wireless health device.