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Staying Socially Engaged Matters Greatly to Staying Independent

Angela offers a fun and inviting antidote to the number one issue for the elderly looking to remain independent: social isolation. Running on an off-the-shelf, touchscreen tablet, or an LG television, Angela requires no prior computer knowledge or training, and enriches the lives of care recipients through social engagement and other significant, integrated benefits.  

The only TV solution of its kind in the world!

Featuring an award winning, meticulously designed interface, Angela comes ready to use with larger screen fonts, higher contrast and brighter colors geared to the needs of the elderly.  Angela opens up a whole new world for Mom! Again, no computer knowledge required!

By using Angela, care recipients have single touch access to:

  • Video chat
  • Simple E-mail
  • Simple Web browsing
  • Integrated Health information
  • Fun games
  • Important Daily schedule
  • Follow-me Med reminders
  • Easy Family Photo Sharing
  • And more…

All managed for the professional care manager or family care recipient through the Independa Caregiver Web Application.